Month End Fasting and Prayer Call



Welcome to the Weight Loss, God’s Way Prayer Support Group. Join us live on a live prayer call on the last day each month as we thank the Lord for bringing us through the previous month and seek Him to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming month.  Please let us know how we can pray for you by submitting your prayer request below.

Love and Favour,

Katrina M.

WLGW Prayer Team Leader


CALL IN #(425) 436-6397 —ACCESS CODE-3484640

long-distance charges may apply

Calls are held on the last day of every month at the following times:

 2:45 AM PST / 4:45 AM CST / 5:45 AM EST

 2:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM CST / 5:45 PM EST


:45 worship and devotional

:55 prayer requests and praise reports

:05 closing prayer


-do NOT announce yourself when you are prompted (it will disrupt the conversation that may already be in progress)

-mute yourself (press *6) whenever you are not speaking or just press the mute button on your cell phone.

-unmute yourself (press *6) to give prayer requests and praise reports

-be respectful of others and do not monopolize the time.

Submit Your Prayer Requests Here:

 Prayer Request


After Your Fast

Ending your fast properly is just as important as beginning your fast properly. As the end of your fast draws near, begin to prepare yourself to stop or break your fast.

Ask Yourself:

What has the Holy Spirit showed me during this time? What new habits, behaviors, and disciplines do I want to maintain? What new boundaries will I set? What food will I no longer allow in my body? How has my level of discipline and self-control improved?

May you be blessed as you pray and fast for your health!