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Clear, Actionable Guidance on How to Harness Faith for Weight Loss Success

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It’s Not a Diet … It’s a complete mindset shift

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The Best Type of Training

…is the kind of training that strengthens your faith.

With Weight Loss God’s Way, you’ll join countless women who have reignited their relationship with God and have learned to treat their bodies as God’s temple.

You’ll discover how to release weight and keep it off.

You’ll change your unhealthy relationship with food.

And most importantly, your priorities will shift, leading you into a more well-rounded, Christ-driven life that fulfills not only your health goals, but also nurtures your soul and spirit.

God Has a Plan For You

God did not put you on this earth to be constantly fighting against your body.

You have a rich and purposeful life to live that’s not to be wasted on worrying on constantly worrying about your weight.

This program is different because it takes into account your spirit, soul and body. Other weight loss plans don’t include your spiritual life, but God is in every aspect of your life. Let us show you how all three aspects of your being are connected and how it will make all the difference.

What’s God Got To Do With It?

The weight loss industry is broken and has always been!

Why? It’s never actually served the people that need it most.

They know diets don’t work. And they know the cycle of shame and guilt it produces, but they keep on seducing you with the lure of rapid weight loss and you keep taking the bait.

As a faith-filled woman, you know deep down inside that something is missing.

That something is God.

He knows your struggle better than anyone.

And through God, you can overcome everything … even if ‘everything’ is just a craving for some junk food. 😉

You CAN and you WILL reach your weight loss goals. All you need is a little faith.

I'm Ready to Breakthrough!

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What Do You Get in Our 21-Day Breakthrough Intensive Program?

During the Breakthrough Method Intensive, you will:

  • Be inspired each day with a five-minute video message with a daily lesson.
  • Learn what the missing ingredients have been in your past weight loss attempts
  • Finally get on track to achieve your healthy weight
  • Have access to our workout library of dozens and dozens of fun and simple routines to help you kickstart your fitness regime
  • Use our 100 gm per day carbohydrate plan to simply meal planing and turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Connect with a certified coach to help you get focused

Access 21-Short Videos and weight release lessons, Workouts, 100 gm Carbohydrate Meal Plan and a personal consultation with a certified coach. 

(all in a simple to use App so you can take the lessons with you wherever you go) 
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