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In Brief: Cathy Morenzie has been a leader in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years. She once struggled with emotional eating herself, but experienced a powerful breakthrough when she realized that the answer to her problems lay in ‘faith, not food’! Now, Cathy’s life mission is to equip millions to live a healthy lifestyle by helping them to rediscover their true identity in Christ.

Full bio: Cathy Morenzie, a noted personal trainer, author, blogger and presenter, has been a leader in the health and wellness industry for over 35 years. Her impact has influenced hundreds of thousands of people over the years to help them lose weight and develop positive attitudes about their bodies, diet and fitness.

Over the years, she has seen some of the most powerful and faith-filled people struggle with their health and their weight. She wondered how it was possible for people to exercise so much power and authority, and yet feel so powerless in the area of health and fitness? How is it that we have been given the power and authority to cast out demons, yet we can’t stop ourselves from eating a piece of chocolate? Why do we struggle with so many issues around our weight such as emotional eating, physical inactivity, self control, guilt and feelings and low-self esteem?

Over the years, Cathy Morenzie– a rational, disciplined, faith-filled, personal trainer struggled with her own weight, with emotional eating, self-doubt and low self-esteem. She tried to change just about everything about herself for much of her life so she knows what it’s like to feel stuck.

Every insecurity, challenge and negative emotion that she experienced was equipping her to help other people who faced the same struggles – especially women.

Allow her to help you to reach your health and wellness goals through her series of books, ‘Healthy by Design’ – a series of daily weight loss devotionals, or ‘The Word on Weight Loss’ – a collection of articles from Cathy spanning her nearly 15 years as a Christian weight loss coach, her various online programs, personal coaching or book her to speak at your event of on your broadcast.

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Barrie, Ontario, Canada – June 14th


Best-selling, award-winning author and Christian weight loss coach, Cathy Morenzie is set to release her sixth book, Healthy Eating, God’s Way. The latest in the popular ‘Healthy by Design’ series of weight loss devotionals helps readers end emotional eating, by focusing on the ‘why’ they eat, and what they’re really craving – faith, not food.

Author Cathy Morenzie notes, “Until you understand why you do what you do, you will continue to repeat it.”

There are a lot of Christian diets books, but what use is any diet, if you can’t maintain it? Cathy understands that in order to change how you eat, you must change your mindsets around food first. Over the 28 days of the devotional Cathy pairs emotional and physiological strategies with simple, practical, bible-based truths, providing essential tips and tools to let go of unhealthy eating patterns so can align your eating habits with your faith.

Healthy Eating, God’s Way: Weight Loss Devotional and Challenge (Healthy by Design series) by Cathy Morenzie releases June 15th and will be available on Amazon, Nook, Koko, iBooks, Google Play, and many more in print and ebook formats. Starting at $8.99 digital, $14.99 print. 162 pages, ISBN: 9781990078019 / 9781990078026

Interview Questions to Ask Cathy

1. What does weight loss, God’s way mean?

2. Does this involve a specific way of eating or exercise?

3. You have a lot of books available, where is the best place to start?

4. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, why will this approach be any different?

5. What are some tips or suggestions I can do right now to help me lose weight?

Motivating Cathy

Morenzie’s wisdom surrounding healthy eating and inviting God as part of my health journey has literally changed my life. Her mix of practical suggestions, insight on psychology and physiology, and scripture are so helpful and motivating. This book has helped me to shift my mindset around the foods I put into my body and actually implement changes. I read this devotion daily and found that I reflected on the message all day and really looked forward to the next day’s lesson. If you’re serious about making physical, emotional, and spiritual changes relating to food, I highly recommend this book.

Mary Kathryn

Amazon Reviewer

Stop Spinning Your Wheels

What are you waiting for? Stop spinning your wheels. Cathy gets to the root of what is holding you up in your search for weight loss in this book and her ongoing teaching. She takes a no nonsense, yet biblically based approach to healthy eating Gods way and provides a daily step by step revelation on why, what you have been doing doesn’t work or only works temporarily. When you truly study healthy eating and what God has intended for you, it removes stress and stops you looking for a the “next fix”. This daily plan is another great teaching and devotional rolled into one by Cathy.

Tina Rosewell

Amazon Reviewer

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